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What is IICRC?

11/30/2022 (Permalink)

IICRC certification badge SERVPRO of Ebensburg is proud to be an IICRC Certified Firm!

Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification or IICRC is an organization dedicated to protecting the environment, homes and businesses through professional restoration services. The IICRC has certified individual technicians and firms who meet industry standards of knowledge and skill. Firms and technicians are required to maintain the IICRC's stringent qualifications to retain certification with ongoing education. These programs are designed to educate and improve the restoration industry every year. 

IICRC is a professional certification body.

The IICRC has been around for 50 years, and the organization's goals are to protect the public from injuries caused by water damage, mold remediation, and other building related issues. The IICRC provides training and education to its members. It also offers certification for members who successfully complete certain levels of training in their field as well as for those who have reached a certain level of experience in their field.

The Institute certifies individual technicians and firms that have met industry standards of knowledge and skill through continued education to keep their training up-to-date.

IICRC promotes education and improving techniques.

IICRC certification is the gold standard of commercial cleaning and restoration industry professionals. These programs are designed to educate technical professionals regarding new technologies and improve techniques regarding communication with customers, insurers, and other professionals. Having an IICRC certified firm also increases employee retention rates, deters litigation through education and promotes market credibility.

IICRC certification is a mark of quality that you can count on. If you’re looking for a safe and reliable company to handle your water damage restoration needs, look no further than SERVPRO of Ebensburg. Our team is proudly IICRC certified to ensure thorough and safe restoration services. We are here to safely support and restore our Ebensburg community.

Identifying and Remediating Mold

8/10/2022 (Permalink)

Mold growth on drywall Mold can be found anywhere

Take The Right Steps To Remediate Mold

Mold is found everywhere, both indoors and outdoors. While most species of mold don’t present a problem, it will multiply if given the ideal environment of moisture and oxygen. Fortunately, there are mold remediation specialists available to take care of any mold situation. If you suspect that your Belsano, PA, business has black mold, it’s important to take the right steps to remediate the problem.

Most people have heard horror stories of mold. Regrettably, sensational news stories only impair the goal of helping people understand mold. Here are some basic facts about mold:

  • Mold spores are common inside and outside
  • Mold grows in places with high moisture
  • Mold enters buildings through windows, vents, and HVAC systems
  • Mold may produce a musty odor

Additionally, there are thousands of species of mold in a variety of colors. Thus, it is often difficult for individuals to tell if they have a mold problem. To prevent mold infestations, business owners should regularly inspect their property. Check around windows, heating and air conditioning systems, roofs, basements, and pipes. To identify what specific type of mold is in your building, such as black mold, you will need the help of an Indoor Environmental Specialist.

The first step in remediation is finding the source of moisture. A leaky roof, faulty plumbing, flooding, and high humidity are common causes of moisture. A mold remediation specialist will inspect the building and assess the damage. Next, the specialist will contain the mold using advanced procedures and tools. Once the mold spores are contained, air filtration equipment is used to capture the spores and eliminate mold colonies. The final step in remediation is cleaning and restoration.
Business owners should be aware of the signs of black mold in order to prevent major problems. If you see or smell any signs of mold, get professional help for proper mold cleanup.

Why Your Water Heater Is Making Noise

7/12/2022 (Permalink)

Water heater What does it mean when your water heater starts making mysterious noises?

Why Is Your Water Heater Noisy?

Your water heater may have started as a strange popping sound and eventually progressed to popping plus an ominous rumble. What does it mean when your water heater starts making mysterious noises? While loose elements and heat traps can account for some of the sounds you may hear, the most likely explanation is that you have sediment build-up inside your tank and it’s time to call a professional in Vinco, PA, to flush them out. Ignoring sediment build-up can lead to serious problems, such as:

  • Decreased energy efficiency
  • Sediment coming out of faucets
  • Decreased water pressure
  • Burst water pipes
  • Water heater failure

Many manufacturers recommend getting a water heater flush every year, but how often it actually needs to be done depends on the water in your region.

What Causes the Noise?

When sediments collect around the element, they can trap water below them. When the water is heated, it makes a popping or crackling noise as it bubbles up through the sediments. As more sediment collects, it can get mixed around by the water flow inside your tank, causing a rumbling sound. If you notice these or other unusual sounds, especially when you haven’t noticed them before, it’s an indication that your tank needs to be serviced.

Where Does Sediment Come From?

Most sediment build-up is a result of minerals found in the water supply. If you have hard water, lime deposits build up in your tank over time, creating a sediment layer on the bottom that interferes with heating the water inside the tank. In some areas, the municipal water supply carries sediment in it, and this can also build up in your tank.

If you’re not sure what water quality is like in Vinco, PA, it’s better to err on the side of caution and have your water heater flushed annually to avoid the damage sediment build-up can cause.

3 Reasons Your Toilet Leaks When You Flush It

5/16/2022 (Permalink)

Toilet wax ring Replace your cracked wax ring with a plastic one to avoid a future bathroom leak.

Why Does a Toilet Leak When I Flush It?

A leaking toilet is a nuisance. While you might hope to ignore it and hope to repair it at a later date, the longer you let the toilet leak, the more potential you have for immense damage to the bathroom flooring in your Johnstown, PA, home. Here are three reasons your toilet could be leaking when you flush it.

1. Leaking Toilet Flange
The toilet flange is a pipe fitting that secures your toilet to the floor and keeps your seal in place. One common sign of a problem with the flange is that your toilet rocks too much, regardless of how much you tighten the bolts. The type of replacement flange you need will depend on your toilet and what type of flooring you have. You want to choose a flange that allows your toilet to sit flush with the floor.

2. Cracked Wax Ring
Wax rings are designed to last for many years, but they can easily deteriorate and start to crack. Many water damage mitigation specialists recommend replacing your cracked wax ring with a plastic one to avoid a future bathroom leak. The plastic seal lasts much longer than a wax one and isn't as susceptible to cracking.
When you remove the old wax ring, ensure that you completely clean the bottom of the toilet and scrape all traces of wax off of the toilet flange. You want a clean area to ensure nothing interferes with the seal.

3. Loose Tank Bolts
Over time, it's common for the bolts holding the toilet to the floor to wiggle themselves loose. When this happens, the gasket seal isn't as strong as it could be, which can be the cause of your leaking toilet. Verify that the bolts on your toilet have washers on them. While tightening the bolts, have someone else push down on the toilet to ensure you get a tight, secure seal.
Dealing with a toilet leak is an annoyance, but with a few minor fixes, you will find your bathroom back in good working condition in no time.

SERVPRO Fire Restoration

2/23/2022 (Permalink)

Severe fire damage in a kitchen, insulation coming out of walls, ceiling damaged and walls covered with smoke damage Fire damage in a Cresson, PA home.

After a residential fire, insurance teams need to have a plan in place to deal with the fire, smoke and water damage left in the aftermath of flames and firefighting. SERVPRO’s fire restoration team can help get a home back to its original state after such a disaster.

Fire Rebuilding Services

SERVPRO is proud to be a one-stop shop for residential mitigation and restoration needs. The steps that rebuilding technicians will take to restore a Cresson, PA, home after a fire will generally include the following:

1. Emergency Dispatch - A simple call to a SERVPRO 24-hour National Call Center will lead to a quick dispatch of a highly prepared restoration professional in most cases.

2. Inspection and Assessment - After arrival on the scene, SERVPRO technicians will evaluate and test the property to determine the extent of the fire damage and prepare a fire restoration plan.

3. Board-Up and Tarping - After surveying all damage to a home, SERVPRO technicians can secure damaged windows, walls and roofs with boards and tarps to defend against further damage and unwanted entry.

4. Immediate Water Damage Cleanup - Water removal will clean up the majority of any firefighting water that is present, and will be followed by the use of air movers and dehumidifiers for an even more thorough dry out.

5. Soot and Smoke Removal - SERVPRO technicians are able to use high-tech equipment and special methods to eradicate smoke from all household surfaces.

6. Fire Cleaning - The cleaning and sanitizing step of the fire restoration plan involves the utilization of advanced cleaning and deodorizing processes to restore surfaces and belongings.

7. Restoration - This final step involves minor repairs, paint jobs and even some major repairs in order to get a home back to its original condition.

Keep in mind that every fire rebuild situation varies, but the steps above will be what dedicated technicians use in the vast majority of situations to get a home back in shape as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Once SERVPRO is done working its magic on a fire-affected home, it will look “Like it never even happened.”