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servpro employee wearing full ppe or safety gear

Personal Protective Equipment

Safe Remediation Services

SERVPRO of Ebensburg strives to meet all OSHA standards when it comes to personal protective equipment or PPE. We wear masks and hazmat suits to meet those standards. Once of our employees in this photo took an up-close picture of what the mask can look like when wearing PPE. 

full PPE on a SERVPRO employee before mold remediation

Full PPE

Safe Emergency Restoration

Our team members at SERVPRO of Ebensburg wear full PPE or Personal Protective Equipment when we work on mold remediation and cleanup jobs. This employee put on the hazmat suit and mask as well as gloves and hard-toe shoes. We prioritize safety above all at SERVPRO. 

Water Bottle stock

SERVPRO Water Bottle Stock

We have so many of our cool new water bottles in our warehouse! It's exciting to see our names on a water bottle that we can give out to future customers! 

Don't forget to recycle!

SERVPRO water bottle

SERVPRO Water Bottle

"Like it never even happened."

Look at these cool water bottles with our SERVPRO logo on the label! Don't forget to recycle your plastic water bottles! 

We're here to help 24/7/365, when you need us most - SERVPRO of Ebensburg!

Team Photo 2021

Our SERVPRO Family

We're Here to Help You

Here are most of our team members and all are ready, willing and able to assist you 24-7-365.

Soot on brick wall.

Fire Cleanup Can Be Dangerous - Leave It to The Professionals

No matter how big or small the fire, it can leave behind damage that is too extensive for the average person to properly and safely handle. Our SERVPRO of Ebensburg team is always here to take care of your residential and commercial fire cleanup & restoration needs in the greater Ebensburg area.

Kitchen with extensive fire damage.

Fire Damage in Ebensburg Kitchen

Our team recently completed a fire cleanup and restoration job in the Ebensburg, PA, area. As you can see, the kitchen fire caused significant damage to the kitchen area as well as loads of soot and smoke damage throughout the whole house. Our team was there to help restore it back to pre-fire conditions.

Team member on fire job.

Smoke & Soot Cleanup after Fire

Fire Cleanup Experts in Ebensburg

Our SERVPRO of Ebensburg team is working hard on a residential fire cleanup job! Not only is it common to see fire, soot, and smoke damage after a loss, it is also common to see water damage present as well. SERVPRO of Ebensburg is always here to help!

Team member assembling containment.

Our team can get your home or business back up and running!

Ebensburg Team

Our SERVPRO of Ebensburg team is the best! Our crew is highly trained, highly experienced, and highly equipped with advanced technology and equipment. We're a triple threat! When disaster strikes your home or business in Ebensburg, PA, give us a call!

Fire damage in kitchen.

Fire Cleanup Experts

Fire Cleanup in Ebensburg, PA, Kitchen

Our SERVPRO of Ebensburg team recently responded to a home that had suffered from a fire loss. The damage was severe. Our crew quickly got to work to ensure the damage was properly taken care of!

Drying equipment in room.

Drying Equipment Running in Ebensburg Home

Highly Advanced Drying Techniques Used 

Our SERVPRO of Ebensburg team uses advanced drying equipment and techniques to ensure the most efficient drying process after a water loss. If your home or business in Ebensburg, PA, suffers from water damage, our team is only one call away!

SERVPRO spray bottles filled with decontaminating chemicals ready to disinfect the next customer's home or office.

SERVPRO of Ebensburg is always ready!

We can and will provide a deep sanitization cleaning to your Portage home or business.

Our customized spray bottles are filled and ready to be used on the next surface. Our team has the resources to bring a new standard of clean to your business or your home. 

Pressure washer cleaning the exterior of a brick building

Pressure Washing can remove many different types of damage

Years of rain, floods and other natural elements can cause the exterior of a building to look old and run down.

A local property manager called us to provide a pressure washing to their brick building. We are working to remove years of dirt, grime and mildew from the exterior of this beautiful building.

SERVPRO employee ready to use our fogging technique to rid this home of any pathogens

Fogging for sanitization is efficient and effective.

Our dedicated employees are always ready to respond to your call.

We responded to this Ebensburg home when they asked for a sanitization clean. We arrived ready to get this home not only clean, but Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned! Fogging is a great technique to rid any space of undetecable pathogens.

two SERVPRO employees preparing to sanitize a commercial building

SERVPRO of Ebensburg will get the job done

These machines are used frequently to decontaminate and sanitize large spaces.

With our recent Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned program introduced into the community, we are constantly working hard to keep local businesses sanitized. Our crews are dressed in proper PPE and are following our infections disease protocols set forth by the CDC.

Bathroom sink, and mirror that is damaged by a fire. The ceiling is collapsed and the walls are covered in soot and water

House fire in Belsano causes major damage

When a fire broke out in this Belsano home, the fire department was called to extinguish it.

They were thankfully successful but not before damage had been done. Our crew will work hard to restore this home to pre-fire condition with precision. 

White tile floor in a kitchen with air movers and a dehumidifier placed strategically to dry the water

When the water creeps in, SERVPRO of Ebensburg is ready to help

When a Cresson homeowner discovered water throughout the first floor of their home they called us right away. 

Our team of restoration professionals were able to respond immediately and began mitigation before secondary damage could occur. 

SERVPRO employee in PPE standing in front of our SERVPRO vehicles ready to work

Ready to Service your needs

SERVPRO of Ebensburg is always ready for your call.

No matter the size of the disaster we are prepared to handle your restoration needs. We are available 24/7/365! Call us when you are in need and we will be there!

SERVPRO employees unloading drying equipment at a water damaged home

Ready for any size disaster

Our 24 hour response teams here are SERVPRO of Ebensburg are ready at all times. 

We always have enough equipment and can respond to any size disaster at any time!  Water, Fire, Mold, No Problem! 

Fire damaged home in Ebensburg the front door restored is now clean and white

Post Fire Cleanup

This home suffered damage due to a fire.

Though you can't tell it now, there was significant damage throughout the Carrolltown home. If your home suffers damage due to a fire, give us a call!

After The Cleanup

Our team was called to this home to make repairs and clean up after it suffered damage due to a fire loss. We took this image after the repairs were done. if you have a fire loss, give us a call!

No More Fire Damage

This home had experienced heavy damage from a large fire, even though it may not look like it now. If your home suffers fire damage, we can help. Call SERVPRO. We are faster to any size disaster.

Housing The American Red Cross Trailer

In this image is our own Ben Weaver with Jayme Houck who is the Disaster Program Manager at the local chapter of the American Red Cross. We agreed to accept the honor of storing their new disaster trailer at our shop.

Helping The Red Cross

We have an excellent relationship with the local Amercian Red Cross so when we were asked to store their trailer, we were pleased to be able to do so. If necessary, we will be pulling it with one of our emergency response vehicles.

Air dryer on floor.

Water Loss in Museum

This museum had significant amounts of water on the floor.  SERVPRO has professional drying equipment they can use to dry immediately.  Contact us 24/7 for your commercial restoration emergency. 

Drying equipment in room.

Flood Museum Water Loss

This museum in Ebensburg, PA, suffered from a water loss due to a pipe break. There was significant amounts of water in the floor. SERVPRO responded immediately and extracted the water from the floor and put air movers down to dry. 

Damage to ceiling.

Storm Damage on Ceiling

This home was affected by a storm.  The water was leaking from the roof and down through the ceiling. SERVPRO responded and repaired the roof and dried the ceiling preventing more damages. 

Mold growth.

Mold can grow quickly

Mold can grow quickly, it is important to treat as soon as the problem is found.  SERVPRO responded to this home and cleaned the mold off their belongings from a water loss in the home. 

Debris from ceiling.

Mold after Water Loss

Mold can grow anywhere moisture is present.  After a water loss mold began to grow quickly where the water had been present for an amount of time.  SERVPRO cleaned and treated the mold immediately. 

Drying equipment on wet floor.

Water damage cleanup after winter storm

This winter storm caused a lot of water damage at this facility. SERVPRO was quick to respond and begin the extraction process. Once all of the water was removed, drying equipment was put in place to get this facility ready to be used again. 

SERVPRO truck.

Ready for winter

With all of the colder weather in town, SERVPRO of Ebensburg is ready to help! Whether you have water damage from heavy snow, or ice damming, we have teams available around the clock to help! 

SERVPRO car and fire truck.

SERVPRO Fire Response Team

SERVPRO of Ebensburg was quick to respond and ready to help on this fire loss. Our team is able to help, 24 hours a day. We can handle any size fire loss from start to finish. 

SERVPRO cars on site of a loss.

Water Loss Job!

SERVPRO of Ebensburg is Faster to Any Size Disaster. This time, to a small water loss in a local home here in Ebensburg. We were able to quickly get the equipment up to get things back to normal! No loss is too big or small. Call us anytime!

(814) 472-0800

SERVPRO truck.

Ready to respond!

The holiday season can be very stressful for various reasons. Adding a water or fire loss onto that can ruin it all. SERVPRO is here to make sure that even when disaster strikes, it is quickly handled with as little hassle as possible! Call us anytime, we are always available! (814) 472-0800

Mold growth on wall.

Basement Mold Growth, Ebensburg PA

Shown in the picture is mold growing on a block foundation in a basement.  Basements provide some of the most ideal conditions for mold to form.  They are cool, damp, and dark.  Every basement has the possibility of outside water seeping into the structure for one reason or another leaving increased risk.  The best way to prevent mold from growing is to invest in a dehumidifier to keep the moisture levels low so that mold does not grow and to water proof your basement so that water is no longer entering.  If mold is found, do not clean with bleach.  It does not remove the mold, only bleaches it.  The best way to remove mold is to call SERVPRO to inspect the mold and to take samples.  The first step to preventing mold, is to first remove it!        

Heading out!

SERVPRO of Ebensburg heading out into the night! Here at SERVPRO, we don't believe in sleep. We are on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to respond to ANY size loss. 

Black Mold From Water Issue Johnstown PA

This picture shows mold growth to the left of the opening in the ceilings.  A water stain can be seen around the opening indicating a previous ongoing water issue.  The issue was not addressed immediately leaving a mold problem.  The mold is not a heavy growth but even a small amount of a certain mold can cause harmful effects to the inhabitant of the home.

Mold Growth From Water Loss, Johnstown PA

Unfortunately if a water loss is not taken care of immediately, it can lead to more extensive issues.  The picture shown is of mold growing along a seem of finish on an oak floor board.  Water affected a hallway of hardwood floor causing it to warp.  When water seeped under the boards and was left for too long, mold began to grow.  This is why it is important that if possible, to begin removing water and moisture from the as soon as possible to prevent mold.   

Showcase Carpet Cleaning, Flinton PA

Our Showcase Carpet Cleaning takes our professional carpet cleaning method to the next level.  The Showcase Cleaning includes everything that our standard clean includes, except a rotary scrubber is used with a shampoo to remove deep soiling.  Our technician is show in the photo applying the shampoo to this commercial conference room as the rotary scrubber cleans deep into the carpeting removing all the dirt, grime, and stains. 

Commercial Strip and Wax, Flinton PA

In the photo our technician is using a new piece of equipment to remove the old wax layer applied to the tile.  After removal, the floor is cleaned and layers of new wax are applied.  The wax is applied to create a high shine and to protect it helping it last longer.

Large Storm Damaged Home

While our crew was in Texas helping to clean up after Hurricane Harvey, we were faced with many challenges.  One challenge was cleaning a rather large home.  This home was a much larger home in comparison to the other jobs in our area.  The ceilings were very high, so it was not necessary to remove the sheet rock all the way to the ceilings in every area since the flood water did not affect it that high.  Majority of the walls were saturated, so it was necessary to remove a fair amount.  The home was also insulated with blown in cellulose, causing an extra depth of cleaning.  When it was all said and done, our crews quickly had the material removed, studs and floors cleaned, surfaces treated, and drying equipment in place.  It was a challenge indeed, but the job was completed successfully with wonderful results!      

Gutted Home Due to Hurricane Storm Flooding

This photo is a good example of what a house looks like after being completely gutted.  The home was involved with Hurricane Harvey which affected hundreds of homes.  When our crew arrived to inspect the home, the majority of the walls were saturated with water and mold growth had already begun.  Since the flood waters were so high and microbial growth present, the home had to be gutted from the ceiling to the floor and affected material removed.  Everything from sheet rock, insulation, doors, trim, cabinets, and carpeting, had to be removed and disposed of before any sort of cleaning and drying could begin.     

Fire Hall Affected by Hurricane Harvey

When Hurricane Harvey hit, hundreds of homes were affected.  Unfortunately, commercial buildings were affected as well.  One job our crew completed while in Texas was that of a Fire Hall.  The Lumberton Fire Hall had nearly 6 feet of water.  As show in the picture, the water was high enough to flood one of the companies fire trucks.  Above the yellow, you can see the were the water line was.  The building's exterior wall was insulated and rooms were finished with sheet rock.  All the insulation, sheet rock walls, and ceilings had to be removed after being affected by water and then mold.  It went to show that not even commercial buildings were safe from the hurricane.  Thankfully our crew was able to remove and clean up the mess.   

Carpet Cleaning Results

After heavy use, carpets can become heavily soiled.  That is no problem for our cleaning products.  Using our "Fabric Rinse and Color Set", we can bring back the bright colors of carpets and make them look brand new.  The product is applied using a cleaning wand and then extracted.  The results speak for themselves.  

United Methodist Church Cleaning

Although we specialize in Fire and Water Restoration, our SERVPRO also provides cleaning and commercial cleaning services.  As shown, our crews worked hard to clean the sanctuary of the Methodist Church in Ebensburg, PA.  This was a top down down cleaning.  All the way from the ceiling, down to cleaning the carpets.  

Basement Storm Flooding in Indiana, PA

When floods occur they unfortunately cause damage not just outside, but also inside.  When water levels increase, they will sometimes rise above basement drains.  Since the drains can not withstand the extra water, they begin to overflow causing basements to flood.  If the basement is free of extra content, the basement can usually be dried without any issues.  But, in most cases basements are used for storage.  Flood waters are usually considered contaminated waters meaning that any content that is touched by the water is considered contaminated.  It is recommend that any contaminated content be cleaned properly or even disposed of.  It is good practice to keep content in plastic sealed bins and kept off the ground on plastic or metal shelving. 

Mold Growing on Wet Walls From Flood Waters

Mold in the correct conditions can grow very quickly.  Saturated material such as drywall, paper, or particle board is the perfect home for mold.  Walls are usually installed on framing and closed on both sides making it difficult to dry and allowing mold to grow.  This is why it is important that flood affected walls are cut to remove any current mold growth and to dry the framing to prevent more mold.  After removing the walls, botanical anti microbials such as "benefact" are applied. 

Collapsed Bridge in Shelocta PA. from Indiana County Storm

On June 29th, the Indiana PA area unfortunately suffered from very heavy rains causing flash flooding.  Homes were affected by either sewer drain backups or large amounts of water entering from nearby creeks or streams.  As you can see in the picture, streams we so overfilled that they were strong enough to collapse bridges.  Our crews worked late into the night to begin restoring the damage in homes caused by the storm.  We are very proud of what we accomplished in such little time in order to help the Indiana community during such a devastating storm disaster!  No matter what time, we are ready to help! 

SERVPRO of Ebensburg Participates in the Heart Chase!

SERVPRO of Ebensburg and Indiana County has been participating in the event for the past 3 years.  This year the team participated as the "Emergency Ready Heroes".  We are proud to be able to participate in events such as this.  It is good for the community and it is for a good cause.

The event was held in Ebensburg PA.  Over $43,586.64 was raised for the American Heart Association.

Linden Ave. Charity Fire Job

We were contacted by the homeowner by telephone who proceeded to explain that their home was devastated by a fire that ripped through the upstairs of their home. The main areas that were affected were the children's bedrooms, hallway and the stairs leading up to the upstairs. She wanted to know what it would cost to clean and fix the damaged areas, and I explained to her that we would need to come out and do a visual inspection to safely say what the cost would be. I explained to her that we would work with their insurance co. for our compensation but they would be responsible for their deductible. She then told me that their coverage was recently dropped so this would be a self pay job. My partener and part owner Jeff stopped by the house later that day to do a visual inspection and to offer his guidance on how to handle the situation. He was greeted my their 3 small children who were all huddled onto a small couch in the only live-able space left in their home.

Attic Fire

Electrical fire in the attic of a duplex, heavy smoke damage.

Family Devastated after House fire

Fire started due to faulty wiring and charred exterior home leaving smoke damage on the interior of home. SERVPRO responded within 10 min of first notice of loss and started performing emergency services.

Our Equipment

Some of our different types of equipment. We currently own Air Movers, Axial Air Movers, Desiccant Dehumidifier, Low Grain Refrigerant Dehumidifiers, Large Air Scrubbers, Air Scrubber 500s, Fire Birds, and a Heat Wagon. We are ready for what ever your needs may be!

House Fire inside basement

Source of Fire seen in photo, heavy smoke damage to framing.

Kitchen Water Damage

This was the result of a broken water pipe in the ceiling. Water ran for about two days before anyone discovered it. In Many cases cabinetry can be salvage however in this case they needed to be replaced. SERVPRO of Ebensburg was able to handle the mitigation and the repair work for the homeowner... making it "Like it Never Even Happened

Broken Pipe Water Damage Kitchen

A pipe broke above the ceiling and water ran down through it damaging the structure and the kitchen cabinets.

Linden Ave Charity Job

We decided to do something for this devastated family. So out of the kindness of our hearts we gathered a few dozen volunteers and we went to work for free for them. In one days time we cleaned all walls, and painted the entire upstairs making the space livable again for the young children. The family said that this was better than winning the lottery.

We at SERVPRO of Ebensburg are all about helping out the communities that we live and do business in, and have to say that this was one of our proudest moments as a company.

Beautiful Kitchen

This is the kitchen after all the repair and mitigation work was completed. This is an example of the fine craftsmanship you get when you choose SERVPRO of Ebensburg for fire and water restoration.

Fire in attic after photo

This is the after photo of the attic fire in a duplex. We were able to clean and deodorize the structure removing any malodors in a matter of weeks. In addition we painted w/ a oil base sealer and installed new fixtures and baseboard.

House Fire After

SERVPRO of Ebensburg was hired to completely restore this families home to its original condition. We handled all aspects of reconstructing their home from cleaning all content, painting and even siding the home. We truly make it "Like it Never Even Happened"

fire damage

After House Fire

This is the basement area that was cleaned and sealed after heavy smoke damage.

Fire damage can happen to anyone. We are here to help when disaster strikes unexpectedly. 

Water damage

Workshop Flooded

Water Damage Restoration

At the end of each and every job we ask our customers to give us some feedback about how our team did following the restoration process and what we can do to improve. Dr. Frazer was so pleased with our work and overall performance that he simply wrote: "it's hard to improve on perfection."

water damage

Broken Pipes Flood Workshop

We're Here to Help

When Dr. Frazer's prized possession, his wood shop, flooded, he called on our team to help him clean it up. We had to bring in temporary heat due to the fact that it was the middle of the winter and the heating system failed in his workshop in order to dry out the structure. He was truly overwhelmed by all this but he could rest assured that the fire and water clean-up crew at SERVPRO of Ebensburg was doing everything we could to reopen his woodshop.