Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Damage to ceiling.

Storm Damage on Ceiling

This home was affected by a storm.  The water was leaking from the roof and down through the ceiling. SERVPRO responded and repaired the roof and dried the ceiling preventing more damages. 

Drying equipment on wet floor.

Water damage cleanup after winter storm

This winter storm caused a lot of water damage at this facility. SERVPRO was quick to respond and begin the extraction process. Once all of the water was removed, drying equipment was put in place to get this facility ready to be used again. 

Large Storm Damaged Home

While our crew was in Texas helping to clean up after Hurricane Harvey, we were faced with many challenges.  One challenge was cleaning a rather large home.  This home was a much larger home in comparison to the other jobs in our area.  The ceilings were very high, so it was not necessary to remove the sheet rock all the way to the ceilings in every area since the flood water did not affect it that high.  Majority of the walls were saturated, so it was necessary to remove a fair amount.  The home was also insulated with blown in cellulose, causing an extra depth of cleaning.  When it was all said and done, our crews quickly had the material removed, studs and floors cleaned, surfaces treated, and drying equipment in place.  It was a challenge indeed, but the job was completed successfully with wonderful results!      

Gutted Home Due to Hurricane Storm Flooding

This photo is a good example of what a house looks like after being completely gutted.  The home was involved with Hurricane Harvey which affected hundreds of homes.  When our crew arrived to inspect the home, the majority of the walls were saturated with water and mold growth had already begun.  Since the flood waters were so high and microbial growth present, the home had to be gutted from the ceiling to the floor and affected material removed.  Everything from sheet rock, insulation, doors, trim, cabinets, and carpeting, had to be removed and disposed of before any sort of cleaning and drying could begin.     

Basement Storm Flooding in Indiana, PA

When floods occur they unfortunately cause damage not just outside, but also inside.  When water levels increase, they will sometimes rise above basement drains.  Since the drains can not withstand the extra water, they begin to overflow causing basements to flood.  If the basement is free of extra content, the basement can usually be dried without any issues.  But, in most cases basements are used for storage.  Flood waters are usually considered contaminated waters meaning that any content that is touched by the water is considered contaminated.  It is recommend that any contaminated content be cleaned properly or even disposed of.  It is good practice to keep content in plastic sealed bins and kept off the ground on plastic or metal shelving. 

Collapsed Bridge in Shelocta PA. from Indiana County Storm

On June 29th, the Indiana PA area unfortunately suffered from very heavy rains causing flash flooding.  Homes were affected by either sewer drain backups or large amounts of water entering from nearby creeks or streams.  As you can see in the picture, streams we so overfilled that they were strong enough to collapse bridges.  Our crews worked late into the night to begin restoring the damage in homes caused by the storm.  We are very proud of what we accomplished in such little time in order to help the Indiana community during such a devastating storm disaster!  No matter what time, we are ready to help!