Commercial Photo Gallery

Air dryer on floor.

Water Loss in Museum

This museum had significant amounts of water on the floor.  SERVPRO has professional drying equipment they can use to dry immediately.  Contact us 24/7 for your commercial restoration emergency. 

Drying equipment in room.

Flood Museum Water Loss

This museum in Ebensburg, PA, suffered from a water loss due to a pipe break. There was significant amounts of water in the floor. SERVPRO responded immediately and extracted the water from the floor and put air movers down to dry. 

Showcase Carpet Cleaning, Flinton PA

Our Showcase Carpet Cleaning takes our professional carpet cleaning method to the next level.  The Showcase Cleaning includes everything that our standard clean includes, except a rotary scrubber is used with a shampoo to remove deep soiling.  Our technician is show in the photo applying the shampoo to this commercial conference room as the rotary scrubber cleans deep into the carpeting removing all the dirt, grime, and stains. 

Commercial Strip and Wax, Flinton PA

In the photo our technician is using a new piece of equipment to remove the old wax layer applied to the tile.  After removal, the floor is cleaned and layers of new wax are applied.  The wax is applied to create a high shine and to protect it helping it last longer.

Fire Hall Affected by Hurricane Harvey

When Hurricane Harvey hit, hundreds of homes were affected.  Unfortunately, commercial buildings were affected as well.  One job our crew completed while in Texas was that of a Fire Hall.  The Lumberton Fire Hall had nearly 6 feet of water.  As show in the picture, the water was high enough to flood one of the companies fire trucks.  Above the yellow, you can see the were the water line was.  The building's exterior wall was insulated and rooms were finished with sheet rock.  All the insulation, sheet rock walls, and ceilings had to be removed after being affected by water and then mold.  It went to show that not even commercial buildings were safe from the hurricane.  Thankfully our crew was able to remove and clean up the mess.   

United Methodist Church Cleaning

Although we specialize in Fire and Water Restoration, our SERVPRO also provides cleaning and commercial cleaning services.  As shown, our crews worked hard to clean the sanctuary of the Methodist Church in Ebensburg, PA.  This was a top down down cleaning.  All the way from the ceiling, down to cleaning the carpets.